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29 September 2021 @ 07:51 pm
this journal is officially closed. it's only not being deleted because it's easier just to keep track of communities from it and make posts under the same name. since i completely moved instead of renaming, it'd be too much of a hassle to re-add and re-establish everything.

SO! after much TL;DR-- if you'd like to add me/be friends/message/contact/etc. please go to:


that is all.
19 November 2020 @ 02:22 am
i decided to make my journal FRIENDS ONLY.

this can be the official "comment to be added" post.

to newcomers: i'm a huge plastic tree fan and i write a lot about them. a lot. if you don't like them and can't overlook omgfan!posts, we might not be compatible. i like a lot of other jrock, too.

i'm a shameless camwhore.

i rant about work a lot.

if you're offended by lazy, non capitalized text and/or random CAPSLOCK, and excessive cursing, we might not be compatible. i also don't believe in jesus/religion, so nothing personal meant if i use god's name in vain or something.

i post way more than i probably should. on that note, just because i don't comment doesn't mean i don't read. if you need constant omsgldkjslkj ATTENTION, we might not be compatible.

other than that, i love to meet new people; don't be shy. i haunt all of the internet, so feel free to add me if we're in the same communities or anything of the sort~.
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